Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amazing Patio

Remember how a few days ago I was telling you about that surprise that I was going to have finished? Well I have finally put on the last coat of finish so it’s nice and smooth and it’s ready to see. You had probably noticed in all of our pictures that we had created a side piece for the DIY sectional (for more info on how to make your own check this link out!) despite the fact that it looked a little out of place it served 2 purposes 1. It made a nice place to lean up against that wasn’t railing 2. It gave us a smidge more privacy from the office building across the street (hi guys!) So lets take a sneak peak at the before:

And a new look at the after (et voila!):

Now I’m not bragging but I was pretty pumped about the mini green pillow (as you know Karen and I love all home decor that’s green) which was an awesome super cheap find at superstore for a total of 5$... not too shabby right?

I’ll be the first to admit it’s a love hate relationship, I actually find that I love the colour itself... I just don’t know if we are in love with the idea of that colour there. So what did we do the night that we got it all set up? Well we put on some brazillian jazz (if you haven’t heard it try it you’ll love it for the next summer party you host) had a big glass of red and ate strawberries till about 1 in the AM... despite the fact that we both love going to bed early every once and a while you have to take advantage of a beautiful downtown view, with red and a sparkling candle lit party.
So lets take a look at our list to go:
Finish side thingy
Get bigger pillows/possible bum cushions
Finish building frames for back wall
Do mirror project for old mirror
Get unique piece of something for beside bench
Talk to plants
Find pendant lantern (or build)
Find another banana fiber rug
Almost done I can feel it. So tomorrow it’s off to home depot, than possible value village and of course one last little thing – it’s almost my birthday! – who’s happy? It’s me!


  1. I love this porch makeover I too have a small space so there is hope. The placement and materials give it great character.

    1. Thanks so much Monica! We are so happy with the way this turned out as well. There is hope :) and I hope we've inspired you to do make the most of your porch, because it's such a wonderful space to have when it's completed :)